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Printer Out of Order
25 Mar, 2024 0 1788
The laser printer is on the blink again. Someone let the magic smoke out. I'm not sure we'll be able to get it wo..…
LCD Screen
4 Apr, 2024 0 1787
I noticed that openclipart didn't have much of a selection of LCD screens so I threw this together real quick. It i..… script school
Blank White Keyboard
25 Mar, 2024 0 1786
simple keyboard with much to be added..…
Tango Drive Hard Disk
24 Mar, 2024 0 1785
"Hard disk" icon from Tango Project Since version 0.8.90 Tango Project icons are Public Domain: Tango Projec..…
Nursing Cap
3 Apr, 2024 0 1783
woman wearing starched white linen cap bearing blue lamp insignia of the professional nurse.…
You can leave your UNIX on
19 Mar, 2024 0 1782
Computer Mouse clip art
22 Mar, 2024 0 1781
computer mouse pointer hardware grey input mice Computer Mouse clip..…
Funny kitty face with Santa Claus hat
8 Mar, 2024 0 1777
Funny cat face with Santa Claus hat - Dr…
Vintage 1940's College Football Helmet
7 Mar, 2024 0 1774
Another 1940's era college football helmet.…

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